Four Seasons Chimney Sweeps serves the Monterey, Carmel and Salinas CA areas and beyond. We specialize in: Smoking fireplace repair and downdraft  problems, Chimney cleaning and sweeping, inspections for insurance and Real Estate transactions, masonry repair of bricks and mortar, dryer vent cleaning, chimney cap and damper installations, and heat shield installations. We service every type of wood, gas, or pellet stoves and all fireplace and chimney designs.  

Four Seasons has been in business locally for 31 years and is owned and operated by Todd Poile'. Four Seasons was Initially certified to inspect all solid fuel systems for fire safety and structural integrity by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) in 1988. We are fully insured and licensed. 

Real Estate Agents trust Four Season for an honest evaluation and inspection of any potential chimney issues during a Real Estate transaction. We work with hotels, motels, apartment complexes, property management firms and even coffee roasters. We were once even called to clean the exhaust system on the MBARI research vessel. 

With thousands of repeat customers Four Seasons has a solid reputation with over a quarter century of hands on experience every construction type and configuration for fireplaces and chimneys. Our expertise makes possible an accurate evaluation of any system  for fire safety and structural integrity. 

if issues are present, we take care to walk you through the problems and solutions in order of severity and priority. Every cleaning includes a visual inspection of the system, whether it's a masonry or pre-fabricated firebox & flue, fireplace insert, free-standing stove, pellet stove, or gas system. 

We specialize in curing smoke and downdraft problems. If your fireplace is experiencing smoke intrusion, we will evaluate and remedy it on our first visit. 

Our Promise: 

We will NEVER perform work unnecessarily, or try to sell unneeded products/services. We understand everyone's inherent fear of fire, so we never use scare tactics or hyperbolic language to sell additional services.

We will be prompt and professional. The last step in our process is to make sure the premises are left clean before we leave. 

Every chimney cleaning includes a visual inspection of the system with a comprehensive statement in writing.